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Nico Ndlovu: Shadowing Scheme

Nico Ndlovu: Shadowing Scheme

Shadowing Scheme Day 1

This is the day I have been waiting for since the start of the Political Shadowing Scheme. The night before my meeting I had too many questions in my mind, one of them was do I really want to do this?

The answer was I am already in, I wanted to quit the whole thing from the start of the Political Shadowing Scheme. If it wasn't for the full support from Zandra during the undecided days of my life about politics, I wouldn't be doing it today. I had low self-esteem about myself when it came to do this. She made me change my mind, she gave me all the support I needed through telephone calls, emails, and one to one meeting. I’m here now to take you to my journey, my introduction to Scottish Politics.

Meeting with Councillor Feargal Dalton in Drumchapel for the Westminster election campaigning on the Saturday morning. The Scottish weather was on duty that day very cold. I arrived on time met with the group of people and Councillor Feargal introduced me to the other people. He explained to me about the campaign that we will be doing a door to door campaign.

It was a good experience. I learned a lot throughout the day. We went to the first house, I never knew that you can actually go around houses and remind people about votes, some people they were still angry with what happened during the referendum. That we see Scotland losing it again, some voters they had faith in SNP more than labour party and the rest. I asked lots of questions during that long walk, we knocked nearly sixty houses in space of an hour and half.

I looked like the MSP or MP instead of Councillor Feargal he was wearing a yellow vest with big SNP in the back, myself wearing a suit black trouser black shoes and well… good looking! Some people faces they were looking at me thinking, are we voting for this African man?

After we done the door to door we went back to the meeting point, with others, very nice people they all full of smiles welcoming. Councillor Feargal and his wife they took me to their house and showed me where they do work at home a lovely office on the loft, they was so kind very friendly.

We printed some papers we needed to carry on with the door to door campaigning again. What I did know is that his wife she was the one who is campaigning for the MP sitting in Westminster that made my day more interesting. I started to talk to his wife by asking questions about Scottish Politics and her views towards the loss of referendum last year. Very educated people of course they both teachers the answers they were very educational and they had time for me.

Councillor Feargal asked me this question, Nico would you like to join the SNP? My answer was yes and he said to me give me two reasons. The first reason of joining the SNP is to fight for referendum and Scotland independence, Second reason is the interest of the SNP policies. He said great.

Shadowing Scheme Day 2

On my first day at the SNP office, I met up with other campaigners to drop leaflets. I introduced myself and told them that I am participating in the CRER political shadowing scheme. Everyone was friendly but I realised that they have not had many Africans in their office who are interested in Scottish politics. The day started with a photo shoot before heading to the streets. I was working with four others. It was cold but I delivered a hundred leaflets to every house I was allocated.

My hopes are that through my involvement with Scottish politics, I can encourage my community to get involved.  Also to help them learn more about your rights.