Coalition for Racial Equality & Rights

Race Equality in Modern Apprenticeships

This report aims to draw together information from the Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights seminar on Race Equality in Modern Apprenticeships, held in May 2012. It is hoped that this seminar report will help to inform future policy and practice on widening participation in Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland.

Modern Apprenticeships are a key element of the Scottish Government’s Skills for Scotland strategy, with 25,000 apprenticeship places on offer over 2011/12 and an overall investment of £69m in 2010/11. Long standing concerns about low levels of participation of people from minority ethnic groups in apprenticeship programmes, combined with higher levels of youth unemployment in minority ethnic communities, make it vital to address the potential race equality impacts of Scottish Modern Apprenticeships.

The aims of the Race Equality in Modern Apprenticeships event were to:

  • Explore issues around race equality in Modern Apprenticeships
  • Inform recommendations for future policy on widening participation

The purpose of this report is not to provide a full account of the contributions made by speakers and delegates, although all contributions were valuable. Rather, the report seeks to outline the most pressing points arising from the seminar, highlighting good practice, evidence gaps and opportunities for change.

Copies of the report were distributed to all attendees, and to Chief Executives or other senior staff in relevant organisations including Skills Development Scotland, individual Sector Skills Councils and Trades Unions. The report was also distributed to relevant Ministers and senior civil servants in the Scottish Government.

For more information on this report or the work of the Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights, or to request this report in an alternative format, please contact:

Carol Young, Policy and Information Officer

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