Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights

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crer_scotland We'll be uncharacteristically quiet over the next 2 weeks due to staff leave. Season's greetings to all of our followers; see you next year!
crer_scotland Shadow Health Minister calls for action on Twitter racism after receiving 2,500 anti-Semitic messages in three days:
crer_scotland Judge refused to allow evidence of racist texts sent by 2 of 3 guards cleared in Jimmy Mubenga manslaughter case:
crer_scotland Interesting blog from @brolezholloway on Black politics and post-racial delusion:
crer_scotland Glasgow folk! If you've faced any type of discrimination, could you contribute your story to this European project?

Public Sector Equality Duty Portal



The Public Sector Equality Duty Portal provides voluntary and community sector organisations and other interested parties with easy access to information and documentation regarding the Public Sector Equality Duty and the Scottish Specific Duties.

The Portal aims to provide groups and individuals with a better understanding of the implications of the General and Specific duties for them and for public bodies in Scotland.