Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights

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crer_scotland RT @TedCantle: Great thought provoking contribution by @y_alibhai at today's @crer_scotland conference in Glasgow
crer_scotland RT @TedCantle: Objectives for 21st century education: Learning to learn, learning to be, learning to do and learning to live together @crer
crer_scotland RT @AminaMWRC: Promoting good relations conference @crer_scotland - great event and speakers @TedCantle #racism #equality
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Public Sector Equality Duty Portal



The Public Sector Equality Duty Portal provides voluntary and community sector organisations and other interested parties with easy access to information and documentation regarding the Public Sector Equality Duty and the Scottish Specific Duties.

The Portal aims to provide groups and individuals with a better understanding of the implications of the General and Specific duties for them and for public bodies in Scotland.