Coalition for Racial Equality & Rights



Welcome to Black History Month 2016!


CRER hopes you enjoy this year’s programme of events and that you will be encouraged to play your part in challenging racism in Scotland.


All too often, our schools and history books do not include the history of African, Caribbean and Asian people in this country; people who often have a direct link with Scotland through slavery, colonialism and migration. Recently, even the United Nations Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) recommended “that Scotland’s school curricula (should) contain a balanced account of the history of British Empire and colonialism, including slavery and other grave

human rights violations.”


We hope that Black History Month provides an opportunity to learn, understand and honour the role that Black/Minority ethnic men, women and children have played in shaping both Glasgow and Scotland’s history. We strongly believe that a better understanding of Scotland’s past is needed if we are to build a truly anti-racist future for us all.


Sadly though, despite 50 years of race equality legislation, Black/Minority Ethnic people still face serious disadvantages including higher rates of poverty, lower rates of employment and a range of health inequalities.


This year’s front cover is a fragmented portrait of Lamaya, a 12 year old from Glasgow. It has been created using offensive words which she has been called, a number of inappropriate questions which she has been asked, and other comments which have been made about her. These words have come from neighbours, classmates, school staff and strangers, and shows that racism is still a serious issue for all of us in Scotland and needs to be tackled more effectively. We need to build a society that isn’t just non-racist but rather one that is pro-actively anti-racist.


Black History Month 2016 has once again provided the opportunity for CRER to work in collaboration with individuals, community groups and voluntary and public sector organisations. As always, this year’s programme would not be possible without the support of our friends, partners and funders.


We are sure there is something for everyone and we look forward to you joining us in this celebration of Black History.


Sandra Deslandes-Clark,


Chair, CRER