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Changing the Race Equality Paradigm



Changing the Race Equality Paradigm

Fifty years after the introduction of Britain’s first legislation aimed at tackling racial inequality (the Race Relations Act 1965), Black and minority ethnic people still face serious disadvantages including higher rates of poverty, lower rates of employment and a range of health inequalities in comparison to the ethnic majority population.

Despite this, race has largely fallen off the agenda. Many people believe that issues of race and racism are no longer of importance in Britain. There are also attempts to frame racial inequality as just another form of social class penalty, whilst largely ignoring how race and class interact.

Without a clear understanding of race and racism, even the most well-meaning efforts are likely to fail. This frustrating situation can only be reversed if institutions are willing to change their paradigm on race equality. This means finding new ways to work which reject the deficit model and tokenistic or stereotypical interpretations of diversity.

We hope that the key concepts outlined in this new CRER briefing will help institutions to change the race equality paradigm; creating an environment where equality work is evidence based, solutions focussed and informed by a sound understanding of how race and racism operate in Scotland today.

We hope it will inspire a new direction on race equality within public, social and organisational policy and help institutions to better respond to the challenges of tackling inequality.

Institutions across Scotland can make much needed genuine, measurable progress; but only if they are willing to change their paradigm on race equality.

A copy of the briefing can be downloaded here


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