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Hate Online - A guide to reporting online hate speech and hate crime

Hate Online -  A New CRER Guide to Reporting Online Hate Speech and Hate Crime

In the age of the internet, with more and more people having access to social media accounts (especially at a young age), it is increasingly likely that children, young people, and adults will encounter hate speech and hate crime online.

If you have a smartphone, you could carry in your pocket messages of hate and threats of violence that are directed at you simply because of who you are. This is not acceptable.

It is important we recognise that even when hate speech and hate crimes occur online rather than in person, they  can be just as significant and harmful. The problem must be addressed to make the internet and society a safer place for everyone.

“Hate online: a guide to responding to online hate speech and hate crime” is a response to questions and stories from those who encountered hate speech online but were not sure if a crime had occurred, how to report it, or whether it mattered. 

This report defines online hate speech and hate crime, details the laws and regulations surrounding this, and offers practical guidance to responding to and reporting online hate speech and hate crime. We encourage you to read it, share with your networks, and do your part to tackle online hate speech and hate crime.

The full publication can be downloaded here



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